Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Wasp

The other night, I was watching TV with my husband when there was a terrifying shriek that came from Austin's room.  In an instant, Kaleigh came running to the living room with her hands over her ears.  She yelled about Austin being screaming.  I was up on my feet already and ran to Austin.  The screams were so horrible I thought he had been seriously hurt!

I got to his room as fast as I could.  I found him on the floor, terrified, TERRIFIED ... screaming at the top of his lungs, "THERE'S A WASP ON ME!!!  THERE'S A WASP ON ME!!!  GET IT OFF!!! GET IT OFF!!!"  My husband had followed me to the room and got the wasp off of Austin.  I was trying to calm Austin down as best as I could, it took a few minutes.  Oh my!  My heart just dropped! When I saw him, my mind flashed back to when Austin was three, he had the same terrified look on his face, as he did then when he became frightened.  It broke my heart ...  I checked Austin to see if he was okay, he complained of pain in his elbow, he had been stung.  I got him some ice and Tylenol and he calmed down.  I couldn't believe how hysterical he became.  Poor guy!

I hear very frequently, your son doesn't look autistic.  Well, my son does have autism and he does react to certain situations.  He has social and motor skill challenges.  He gets distracted and can lose focus easily.  He does have autism and it is part of what makes him Austin.  I love you buddy!  I'm very proud of you, everyday!

*HUGS* All the best!