Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Hummingbird

My husband had a great idea a few weeks ago.  I was getting the hummingbird feeder ready to put outside for the summer and he suggested we put it up near Austin's window.  Awesome result!  Austin is enjoying watching the two hummingbirds that visit immensely.

There is a story to tell about one of the hummingbirds.  Austin LOVES Mario as you well know and he wears a red Montreal Canadiens ball cap due to the resemblance of Mario's hat.  The Canadiens are a big favourite when it comes to hockey teams here in Quebec, of course.  Anyway, Austin was outside playing near his window one day when a hummingbird came swooping down at his head!  The red ball cap attracting the hungry little bird.  Austin saw it coming and dodged it.  Surprisingly, he got a real kick out of the hummingbird thinking his hat was a feeder or flower.  He laughed when he said "Mommie, the bird tried to eat my head!".

I love to see the amazement on Austin's face when the hummingbirds hover to eat.  We stand together quitely to enjoy the site of these tiny flying jewels.  I consider it such a gift to experience the elation that crosses Austin's face when he sees these birds.  Truly wonderful!  :)

All the best!  *HUGS* to all!

Monday, June 20, 2011


The other day I asked Austin a question.  He told me the answer and a few minutes later I asked him the same question.  (I do this, I call it "Mommie Brain"! lol!)  Anyway, when he answered me the second time he said the answer and then "I just told you that Mom!".  I almost fell off my seat!  I was recounting the story to my husband when I asked Austin another question that we had previously discussed.  Again he said "I told you the other day that ... " and proceeded to give the answer.  This is a HUGE accomplishment for Austin!  Normally he would just give the same answer over and over.  Never let you know that he is aware he has been asked whether it was minutes, hours or days ago.  I am so pleased for him!  YAY for you buddy!  Mommie LOVES YOU! OX

*HUGS* and all the best!

A note to Jacquie:

I was so ready to write this post the other day.  I was so happy and excited for Austin.  I went and checked my blogs that I follow, most of them about Autism, and I came upon yours and read the latest post.  It took the wind right out of my sails.  You are a wonderful person and Mother and I just wanted to send you my best and let you know I am thinking of you and was so saddened to hear your news.  You always offer support and share your experiences with me, I am truly grateful to you.  I had to tell you how much I was affected by your post and how it touched my heart.  Sending you *HUGS*!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tough Acts to Follow

I just got home from Austin's preschool graduation (he will be entering Grade 1 in September).  I am still trying to adjust to the fact that my baby will be 6 and in elementary school, it has all happened so fast ... sniff ... :(  On the other hand, I am very happy for Austin because he is so excited to go to "big school".  I hope that he gets as lucky with teachers there as he did in preschool.  I have to say, they are going to be tough acts to follow ... period!  I just adore these two teachers and consider Austin so blessed to have had them in his life for the last two years.

I will always highly recommend this preschool to parents; it is a great school!  (Kaleigh will be attending in September and she is so excited!)  I cannot say enough good things about Austin's two teachers and the preschool.  They have provided support, understanding, caring, guidance, patience and have given their own time to attend meetings that included Austin's team involved in his treatment.  They could have turned Austin away; they certainly did not have to take on the responsibility of a second year with Austin.  (There are plenty of "typical" children on their waiting list.) They could have said "no" but they didn't.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to these two wonderful women.  Austin's first experience with school could not have been better and I feel so lucky that they offered their hands to help in a time that was so crucial to Austin; to our family ...  They are forever in my heart.  They are the reason Austin was flagged which led to his diagnosis.  They stood by him and helped in every way possible.  It is to both of you that I would like to say, I am so very grateful and appreciate so much what you have done for Austin and for us ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  *BIG, BIG HUGS*

All the best!  :)  *HUGS* to all!

Monday, June 6, 2011


A "time-warp" post!

When Austin was around a year old, he discovered fans!  We had them in our house, family members' houses had them, the hairdresser had ceiling fans, the stores ... everywhere there were fans and Austin LOVED them!  As soon as he saw one, he would run to it "FAN"!  It was almost like he was hypnotized by them.  I never thought this was odd, truly.  Just a bit worrisome if he started to touch the buttons and he may get hurt or break someone's fan.  No one else found this odd except Tink ... Tink picked up on a lot of Austin's behaviours and she was the only one who said that this indicated a problem ... I did not believe it at the time.  I just thought, he loves the motion of the fan.  Wrong ... again ... :(

Austin's fascination with fans lasted over two years.  We recently went to the hairdresser's (he has not really been there in a long time) and the hairdresser said, "Hey Austin, there is the fan you loved so much.".  Austin did not even bat an eyelash.  So I told Austin, "You used to LOVE fans!".  "Don't you remember?"  Austin barely acknowledged my question.  He did not remember.  Holy!  I could not believe it!  Hours and hours this child spent in front of fans and now, he couldn't even remember being so fascinated by them?  Completely blows my mind!  How something so significant for so long is now insignificant.

I guess if Mario needed a fan to get him to World 9, it would be a completely different story!  ;)

All the best!  *HUGS* to all! :)