Monday, June 6, 2011


A "time-warp" post!

When Austin was around a year old, he discovered fans!  We had them in our house, family members' houses had them, the hairdresser had ceiling fans, the stores ... everywhere there were fans and Austin LOVED them!  As soon as he saw one, he would run to it "FAN"!  It was almost like he was hypnotized by them.  I never thought this was odd, truly.  Just a bit worrisome if he started to touch the buttons and he may get hurt or break someone's fan.  No one else found this odd except Tink ... Tink picked up on a lot of Austin's behaviours and she was the only one who said that this indicated a problem ... I did not believe it at the time.  I just thought, he loves the motion of the fan.  Wrong ... again ... :(

Austin's fascination with fans lasted over two years.  We recently went to the hairdresser's (he has not really been there in a long time) and the hairdresser said, "Hey Austin, there is the fan you loved so much.".  Austin did not even bat an eyelash.  So I told Austin, "You used to LOVE fans!".  "Don't you remember?"  Austin barely acknowledged my question.  He did not remember.  Holy!  I could not believe it!  Hours and hours this child spent in front of fans and now, he couldn't even remember being so fascinated by them?  Completely blows my mind!  How something so significant for so long is now insignificant.

I guess if Mario needed a fan to get him to World 9, it would be a completely different story!  ;)

All the best!  *HUGS* to all! :)


The Maven said...

I remember his fascination with fans very well! And you always needed to have one on to blow the air around your house. (But I agree with his new obsession more. Mario is FAR more fun!)

Mommie That Gets It said...

Austin seems to think so ... go Mario! LOL! *HUGS* Mav! :) Thanks!

Jaxmom said...

Jack is 10 1/2 and is OBSESSED with Mario. Every shirt he owns has Mario on it. He still sleeps with Mario and Luigi stuffed toys every night. He makes it very clear to everyone that they're "plush toys, NOT dolls!" Heaven forbid! (((hugs)))

Debbie K.

Mommie That Gets It said...

LOL! Yes, Heaven forbid! Thanks for sharing Debbie! Austin has just discovered Donkey Kong! I think that Mario is still king in this house too though. All the best! *HUGS* :) Heather

Shannon said...

My son used to be absolutely obsessed with fans! We had to hide them when the weather got cold because he'd have them going full blast no matter hows cold it was.

Now our daughter is the one who enjoys a good fan. Or three. Or as many as she can get into her room.

LOL about Mario!!

Mommie That Gets It said...

Hi Shannon,

Welcome! :)

Well, I sure can related to that! Thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks! ;)

Have a great day! All the best! *HUGS* :) Heather