Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Pond

A "time-warp" post.

About 3 years ago, just before Austin turned 3, I gave birth to Kaleigh.  She was just a newborn when someone very close to me came to visit with her children.  (I have altered her name in my posts to protect her privacy and call her "Tink".)  During our visit, my mother in-law came over (she lives next door) and asked to take Austin down to the pond.  (We have a pond just around the corner from our house.)  I thought it would be okay since I took Austin to the pond all the time and he was always good.  We would go and feed the ducks.  He really enjoyed it.  I didn't think twice about letting him go with my mother in-law since she spent a lot of time with him and she took him to the pond many times before that day.  Tink and her children decided to go as well.

Everyone got ready and set out for the pond.  I was taking care of Kaleigh (probably nursing because that's all she did for the first while, being a newborn).  Not long after, I heard this terrible screaming, crying and shrieking, like I have never heard before.  My heart fell out of my chest ... swear!  My mother in-law was carrying Austin and he was soaking wet!  OMG!  "What happened?!"  My mother in-law said that Austin had fallen in the pond.  How in God's name did he fall in the pond?!  Where was he standing to do this?  Where was my mother in-law at the time that he could fall in the water?  I was too scared to be angry.  I have never seen Austin so upset, and still to this day, never seen him this distraught.  It was truly frightening.  I got him out of the cold wet clothes (it was March/April and the water was very cold!) and calmed down.  Tink did not say much at the time.  I could tell by the look on her face that she felt badly.  Needless to say, I was upset that Austin was left by the pond on his own!  "What ifs?" went through my head for days and days ... I still do not like to think about this even now.

Eventually Tink told me that Austin had been standing by the pond and as she was heading up the road with her children she "saw" Austin run into the pond.  I thought, why didn't she run after him?  My mother in-law said that Austin "fell" in the pond.  My mother in-law was just up from the pond clearing a branch one of the other children had thrown in the road.  I could not understand why she would do this and leave Austin on his own near the water.  Tink's story at the time was meant to alert me to the fact that she believed Austin was impulsive and didn't know fear.  She felt he should be checked because he might not be developing "typically".  I did not receive this well as you can imagine and was defensive about the subject.  (Austin never missed a milestone and was always checked thoroughly by his doctor.)   I told her he had never, ever tried to run into the pond and I felt that he must have gotten too close and fell in the water.  Either way, I was furious ... he could have drowned!  The water is not too deep but you just never know!  There are logs and vines everywhere, he could have gotten caught and fell under ... I just can't think about it ...

What happened that day is still a mystery to me.  I have no idea what really happened.  All I know is that my baby was put in jeopardy.  I never leave Austin's side no matter what when we are out.  I hang onto him for dear life because I cannot trust what he may do.  It is true that 99% of the time, everything goes smoothly, but who wants to take the chance on that 1%.  Would you?  I think not. 

I decided to post this story because of little ones like Adam.  Anything can happen to our special little treasures and that horrible day showed me how a second or so could have changed everything I hold dear in my life.  I was just very lucky and blessed my son was okay. 

All the best ... *HUGS*


Jaxmom said...

Hi, Mommie! When my Jack was not quite 2, we lived in an apartment complex with a hot tub and pool. One day while I was out with my mom, Jack and his dad went for a walk and happened upon his little friend Mia, also 2, enjoying the hot tub with her grandma. Charlie was standing there talking to them, when Jack just walked into the hot tub--clothes and all!--and sank to the bottom like a rock. Without even thinking about it, Charlie jumped in and pulled him right up. He came up soaked, but grinning. No fear! Scared us pretty good, though. I've always held his hand everywhere since then. He's 10 now and has recently decided he's too big to hold my hand anymore, but he still stays close. You're right to keep a close watch on your precious boy!

Debbie K.

Mommie That Gets It said...

Hi Debbie,

Happy to hear that Jack was okay. It is very scary. I saw something like this happen at a party once when a child jumped head first into a deep garden pond. Thank goodness the Grandfather was right beside him and got him out.

The pond incident would have never happened had I been there. I hold Austin's hand everywhere. Sometimes he does not want to hold my hand, so I hold his wrist. I have no choice because he could bolt if he drops something and decides to chase it. He is getting much better about holding my hand and not fussing too much. It is becoming routine. Thank goodness! :)

All the best and thanks so much for sharing. *HUGS* :) Heather

Judy said...

How scary. I never knew how terrifying being a mother could be, how I would constantly be considering different scenarios and planning out what I would do in each before I go out with my kids. My husband didn't believe me until I told him some of the different scenarios that have played through my mind.

Our babies must have guardian angels, and your son definitely had one that day. So glad he was ok!

Mommie That Gets It said...

Hi Judy,

It is terrifying when you have no idea what your child may do ... very scary!

I believe he did/does. Thanks Judy! *HUGS* :) Heather