Monday, July 11, 2011


Let's time warp shall we ...

"Flap-jumping" ... you might be wondering what I mean by this, or maybe not.  "Flap-jumping" is  what I use to describe what Austin used to do when he would get excited.  He would jump up and down and flap his hands (up and down from the wrist only).  Now, from what I knew at the time (Austin started this around 1 year of age), this was not "hand flapping" or at least that is what the doctor told me when I questioned if it was anything of concern.  You see, I was a very overprotective and nervous Mother when Austin was young ... not much has changed ... right Maven?  ;)  Well, okay, I am not as nervous.  Anyway, I was told he was just excited and I was worrying too much because I knew a child on the autism spectrum and well, I was overreacting.  Gotcha!  Okay, on we went, thinking all is well.  Right ... we know what it meant now, don't we?

I see children doing things like this everywhere.  At the pool, at gymnastics, at the store, at the park ... everywhere.  I flashback to Austin when he was a toddler and think of how he used to do this.  Sometimes he still jumps when he is excited, but he has to be really wound up to start jumping.  It is a rare occurrence. 

There is a reason I did this time warp post first ... stayed tuned for "Second Screening" coming up next!

*HUGS* to all! :)


Wunkie's Mommy said...

My Andre used to do the same thing as a toddler...He still does it from time to time...and yes, I notice other kids doing it too! Also, Happy belated to ur baby boy! :) Saw the post but didn't get a chance to comment when it was up!

Mommie that Gets It said...

Dear Wunkie's Mommy,

Thanks for your comment. I always like feedback and to know that people share the same experiences.

Thank you so much. He had a wonderful Birthday. :)

All the best!

*HUGS* :) Heather

Anonymous said...

Heather I still do this now at the mere site of my kids and wife!! :) Great story!

Mommie that Gets It said...

Oh Glenn! I know why I have always adored you so much! :) Thanks! *HUG* :)