Monday, October 22, 2012

Privacy Predicament

My Father once told me, if you do not want to hear the answer, do not ask the question.  This is something that I always keep in mind when it comes to sensitive subjects.  I did not think asking a question about blogging when it comes to Austin and autism would have such an impact.  I questioned a friend of mine (I am going to let them remain anonymous as to protect their privacy) about reading my blog.  This person raised a concern about Austin's privacy and did I consider how he would feel about me disclosing his life experiences for all the world to read?  Well, I had a bit in the beginning but I felt that this blog was to help not hurt.  I did not feel that I was writing anything harmful about Austin.  I was very, very upset and devastated by this comment.

I would like to know, to the people that read this blog and have children they blog about, it does not have to be about autism, even just blogging in general, am I invading my son's privacy?  Should I stop blogging immediately and remove this blog, never to write another post again?  I am at a crossroads.  I do not know what to do since this person said this to me.  Part of me feels like if I dare post another of story about him, it would be exploiting Austin, not a feeling I like and certainly not what this blog is about ... I am very concerned about ever hurting my sweet boy, even unintentionally.

I do try to conceal Austin's identity.  His last name is never in any post.  I do not put pictures of him on here.  I do not blog about anything I think he would ever be embarrassed about later on in life.  I try to document his experiences so he can look back and see how far he has come, how PROUD I am of him, how much I LOVE HIM!  I pray, that if I do continue this blog, and I welcome all the feedback I can get, that Austin will see this blog was created to help.

Most of the people that follow this blog that know Austin's identity are family and friends who love and care about him very, very much.  I can only pray that if this blog does stay online and I continue to share this journey with everyone, he will understand, or if he is upset by it, I will remove it immediately and apologize profusely.

Thank you for reading, sharing and caring!

All the best!  *HUGS*


Victoria said...

Most parents, when their kids are little, happily swap tales with anyone willing to share one in return. I hardly think blogging is any different. I could see being concerned if you'd given out a great deal of information about your location, or his last name. But, I've read your blog from one end to the other and haven't found anything that would concern me as a fellow parent. You know I blog too so maybe that makes me a little biased.

I can't tell you whether it's right or wrong, but I do know this. You've offered me hope I might not have found otherwise. You've given me insight and ideas for coping. For that reason, I'm glad you have a blog and that you've shared your experiences. I hope one day Austin understands what he's done for me too.

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Victoria,

Thank you! I am hoping he will too and the feedback I get will continue to be positive. I have received emails and great support from people to continue my blog. I have so many more stories about Austin to share that I think would really give people insight, support, understanding and hope!

Thank you again! I am very happy this blog has helped!

I hope all is well with you!

*HUGS* :) Heather