Monday, November 26, 2012


Sometimes I really wonder why people do the things they do ... seriously, I just don't get it somedays!

The other day, Austin was over at my in-laws place (they live next door).  Now, there is a path between our houses and it can get really muddy this time of year, so I always tell the kids to be careful so they do not fall.  While Austin was there, he decided to come back home to get his board game to play with Kaleigh and my mother in-law.  What does she send him back to the house wearing?  Not his running shoes, but her rubber boots, yes, HER rubber boots.  So an excited Austin went running through the path and BOOM!  He slipped in the rubber boots and fell down. He showed up at the door crying and screaming!

Austin HATES to get dirty ... seriously, he cannot stand it!  When he got in the house he was so upset it took a minute for me to understand what was wrong.  He turned around and he was covered in mud.  I asked why he was wearing rubber boots?  He had said my mother in-law told him to wear them ... sigh ... do not get me started.  I got Austin calmed down and sent him to the bathroom to get changed.  I got him all new clothes and told him not to worry, I would wash his coat right away so it would be ready by morning.  His mood turned around quickly and I put him in his other running shoes and sent him back to my mother in-law's with his board game.  I watched him through the windows (so I can see him to get to her door).  He ran, not fast but still he ran through the mud and he was fine.  I suppose the grips on those GEOX were well worth the money!

I do not understand why some people do what they do.  What would possess my mother in-law to put her rubber boots on Austin when he had perfectly good running shoes with him?  Don't get it but at least Austin realizes that Mama knows best!  This Mama that is! ;)

All the best!  *HUGS*


Victoria said...

Poor guy! I don't know what your relationship with your MIL is but my initial guess would be that she didn't want his shoes getting dirty and didn't really think it through very well.

I'm glad his mood turned around quickly.

Hugs to all of you!

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Victoria!

Yes, poor Austin! I do not know what goes through her my MIL's mind. After the rubber boot incident the other day, she had Kaleigh helping with the firewood using her brand new handmade knitted mitts. Kaleigh was over to be with her for a few minutes, this actually happened inside the house, while I went to pick up Austin. I was so upset when I saw the new mitts I bought her ... they are ruined! My MIL ... well, like I said do not get me started.

I bought Kaleigh a new pair of mittens today at the Christmas Bazaar. She is not allowed to wear them to Grandma's!

Hope all is well with you!