Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Strides and Struggles

Yesterday, I met with the Psychologist to find out the results of Austin's recent testing.  There were so many positive things to celebrate. :)  YAY!  Austin has achieved a lot and progressed very well.  He is so different than he was just a few years ago.  We are so proud of him!  He has worked very hard to overcome some of his most difficult challenges.  He has struggled and put forth such an effort, he is quite a remarkable boy.  GREAT JOB AUSTIN! :)

There are still things Austin struggles with and we continue to work with him on these issues.  His social skills and multi-tasking skills are still a challenge.  He also may not respond to a question in a way that you or I might.  We are returning to the speech therapist and OT for some strategies to help Austin.  He is growing so fast and changing rapidly.  Sometimes, the way he verbalizes things is still a bit vague.  Examples of what I mean will be coming up in another post soon! :)

*HUGS* All the best!

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