Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Precious Pet

The other day our family cat seemed a bit off, he was scheduled to have his teeth cleaned by the veterinarian Wednesday morning.  He had been at an appointment on the Monday with some concerns that maybe his mouth had been bothering him,  so we booked him in to have his teeth done.  This is something that was discussed previously with the veterinarian.  Wednesday, turned out to be a most shocking and devastating day.

I brought the cat up with Austin to drop him off at the veterinarian early in the morning.  I told the technician to have him examined before the surgery because I felt he was not well.  I was not home 45 minutes and the phone rang, my sweet cat, I have had him for 13 years, was suffering from kidney failure!  I was so upset!  I could not believe it!  I knew something wasn't right but I had no idea the cat was in that much jeopardy.  We decided to have him treated with IV fluids for 3 days and pray (a lot) that he would be okay.

On Thursday morning, the veterinary clinic called and said the cat was stable.  I discussed it with my husband and we decided that I should take the kids up to see the cat, since he was stable.  I warned the ladies not to say anything premature in front of the kids as not to upset them.  I switched back and forth from English to French while talking to the veterinarian (the kids are not as fluent in French) and then we stepped outside so I could see the numbers from the blood work that was taken.  I saw the numbers and my heart sank!  I knew what those numbers meant, not a good scenario!  I was heartbroken and what was I going to tell children?  How would they react?  All they cared about was when the cat was coming home.  I kept telling them, we had to wait for the tests and did not go into it any further.

Austin and Kaleigh came over to see the cat.  He jumped up and meowed over and over when he saw Kaleigh, they are very close buddies.  We visited a while then we headed home.  I expected Kaleigh to be very upset about the cat, that, was not the case.

We arrived home and I had to go back out to do some errands.  Austin came to me and said that he felt like crying when he saw the cat.  I asked him why?  Was he scared, sad, upset, worried ... what was the reasoning behind it?  Austin could not tell me why, it is just what he felt.  He burst into tears and I quickly went over and cuddled him.  I told him it was okay and I understood how hard it was for him to see the cat that way.  It took me a while to calm him.  I never expected that from Austin, NEVER!  I was shocked that he had that reaction.  He is usually very passive about things, especially animals.  He does not usually get upset when he finds out a close family member lost a pet, a pet that he knows.  Kaleigh cried for days when she found out that my parents lost their little dog just a little while ago.  So sorry for my parents. :(

I am very blessed and happy to say, our cat returned home on Friday afternoon.  He is eating and drinking and doing well.  We wait and take everything one day at a time.  Austin has been great watching him and making sure he is doing well.

I am always learning things about Austin.  Another door or window has opened to help me learn more about him.  To him, our cat is precious!

All the best! *HUGS*

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