Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stranger Danger!

I have told Austin and Kaleigh over and over, "Never open the door to a stranger!"  A couple of weeks ago, we were expecting the repair man for the washer, his second visit ... don't get me started.  I was in my bedroom when I heard the door open and my children call out "The repair man is here!"  I come bolting out of my bedroom to see a man, I have never seen before, standing in my kitchen, a half hour before he was supposed to arrive, which I pointed out to him very quickly.  His partner (who has been here before) was just entering the house when he heard me say to Austin and Kaleigh, "How many times have I told you not to open the door to a stranger?"  I was pointing my finger at Kaleigh figuring it was her that had let the man in the door, wrong ... it was Austin!  He even admitted it!  Shocked because he is such a stickler for rules, I was so surprised he would do this, I swear, he can be so predictable about certain things and when you think he wouldn't do something, he does it!

Austin told me that he unlocked the door because it was the repairman and we knew he was coming. I told him, never, ever, ever open or unlock the door again without me.  I explained to him that strangers can dress up like repairmen to gain access to the house and they can be dangerous people!  Austin understood why I was upset and so did the repairmen.

All the times I have explained about stranger danger to my children and the one who I still have to worry about is Austin.  I pray that this experience and my reaction (his Wii was taken from him for a few days as a consequence, which is a huge deal to Austin, not to mention the lengthy lecture from me!) will keep him from ever opening the door to a strange person ever again!

All the best!  *HUGS*

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