Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Poor Austin!  The other day his Dad and I were home in the morning getting ready to go to a meeting at Austin's school when the phone rang, it was Austin.  He was crying when my husband picked up the phone and Austin said that he had fallen in the mud and water at school.  He was beside himself so his Dad left to go and pick him up at school.  Austin hates to be wet or dirty (I have blogged about it before) and is inconsolable until he is dried and changed.  He normally has a change of clothes at school but must have used them without me knowing and were not replaced, either way, he was so upset his Dad went to get him right away.

He came through the door and started to cry again when he saw me.  I told him not to worry, I had already packed up another pair of clothes to take back to school for his locker and had a change of clothes waiting for him.  He was soaked!  His coat, splash pants, rubber boots, pants, etc., just soaked!  He got changed but he was still crying.  No amount of comfort would calm him.  It usually takes a few minutes but he wasn't settling.  I closed the door so it was just him and I and asked what was wrong?  He replied he could not return to school and face the students because he was embarrassed.  What?  Oh my!  First, he is shy, now embarrassed.  All news to me when it comes to  Austin, he is so laid back and everything rolls off of this boy, seriously.  Okay, so I told him not to worry, it happens to everyone.  I told him I lost my shoes in the mud once and fell over and over and was covered in mud from head to toe!  It happened in front of all my friends and one boy was sweet enough to go and fish out my shoes in all that mud!  Austin laughed and said he could not believe that happened to me.  It was enough to make him smile and understand we all fall but we get right back up and do not let it get us down.

We brought Austin back to school with us and made it to the meeting on time to discuss the revisions to his IEP.  The principal was in the meeting and told us that he explained to Austin earlier not to be embarrassed and people fall in the mud all the time.  His teacher sat across from me and she knew I was going to say that Austin does not get embarrassed and she even could see it in his face when he came in the school.  He tried to hide his face near his locker.  Austin does have great support at his school and we are very grateful to them.

Austin is okay and has gotten over the fall and embarrassment (which is great) but boy, do you ever see some social changes happening!

All the best!



Auntie Anne said...

I am so pleased to see how Austin is growing in expressing his feelings. He is such a lovely boy and I know that you and his Dad are doing everything possible to help him grow and mature.

Mommie that Gets It said...

Thank you Auntie Anne! He is a terrific boy! We are so blessed! Thank you!


Heather OXox