Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day Disappointment

This is the first day of Grade 5 for Austin.  I dropped him off after taking Kaleigh to school this morning.  We didn't know who his teacher would be.  We were hoping that he would get his teacher he had in the second grade but he didn't.   (She is also teaching Grade 5 this year.)  He has a male teacher for the first time and I pray that it will all go well.  He does respond better to females and I know he is heartbroken that he doesn't have his teacher that he adored so much!  My heart sank when I saw the look on his face and I couldn't believe that he didn't get Miss J.  She was super supportive and knows Austin well.  The Principal must have his reasons for putting him with the male teacher.  I pray all will go well today and that Austin's friend he is hoping to be with, was placed in the same class.

As left the school this morning, sad for Austin, I prayed that all would be well and that there are reasons for everything.  Let's hope he likes this teacher and he is happy today!

All the best!  *HUGS*

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