Saturday, January 29, 2011

Give Credit Where "Credits" are Due

Time warp time! :)

Since Austin was an infant, he has loved TV.  Even at a few months old he would sit in his little swing and watch Baby Einstein.  People would say not to let him do that and others encouraged me since he was quiet and content.  Now, we did not plant him there all day or anything but he would happily sit and watch the DVD once or twice.  What harm could it do?  He loved the puppets and music, so I figured, why not?

Once Austin got a little older, he started to watch Pixar movies.  He really liked Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Toy Story.  The interesting thing was, he really liked to watch the end credits.  At the time I thought it was the music he liked because he would dance and try to sing.  The older he got, the more he would skip through the movie to get to the end.  Once the credits started, he was captivated.  (Believe it or not, this is how I think he started to read.  Yes, he started to read single words at 3 years old.  Now he can read books!)  I really had no idea at the time why he was so interested in the end credits.  Even when people said to me that they thought it was odd, I really didn't because he did not seem obsessed or anything, just happy to watch the words go buy and expressed which songs he liked and didn't.  Nothing to worry about right?  Well, maybe ... at least in this case.

Sitting where I am now, I truly believe Austin was enticed by all those letters on the screen.  He could decifer the alphabet really early on and love letters and numbers.  I think that the simplicity of it calmed him in someway.  As a toddler, he rarely sat still to watch an entire movie, until the end credits started to roll.  It put a whole new spin on "zoning out" for me.  Once the DVD was finished, he would start it all over again and skip through the movie to get to the credits.  (He never got upset though when we turned it off.)  I guess his favourite part was trying to figure out who was responsible for Woody's hair and make-up ... ;)

*HUGS* to everyone!

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Judy said...

How's amazing the things kids get involved in that turn out so much more educational than we would have ever thought they could be :)