Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Circus

Today I had to take Austin to see his OT.  I am never late for appointments but for some reason, I marked down the wrong time and showed up a 1/2 hour later than I was suppose to, sigh ... I am trying to keep it all straight.  Austin has quite a few assessments and appointments in the next week or so.  Anyway, I had a little trouble this morning, mostly with my 3 year old, yes, the "typical" one!

After Austin's appointment, we get ready to leave, this can be a challenge when I have the two kids with me.  Sometimes, not always, they seem to "bounce off" of each other.  They are fighting over toys, jumping, screaming, crying (okay, mostly Kaleigh is) and just do not listen.  Oh my!  So I am trying to talk to the OT and she knows that getting out the door can be a challenge for me.  People are trying to come in as we are leaving.  The poor OT, she said she understood and went to meet her next client.  I was going to head out the door, when the Psychologist and new Psychiatrist (she sees Austin next week for an assessment) came down the stairs to ask me a question.  Austin and I just get introduced and they start to talk as Kaleigh escapes out the door, heading to our car in the parking lot.  I stop and run after her.  Meanwhile, Austin has run down to the sidewalk and was heading to the parking lot to the car too (he was stopped by me calling him and the Psychologist, not to mention the Psychiatrist was concerned he was going to run ... sigh ...).  How is that for a first impression?  What the Psychiatrist must be thinking ... sigh :( 

I put Austin and Kaleigh in the car and a wave of relief came over me.  I was thankful to Austin's Psychologist who went back inside to get my bag.  Why, oh why, does this happen?  I was/am embarrassed.  Kaleigh knows she is not run out to the car but lately, "racing" each other has been their favourite game.  Kaleigh has to get their first, competitive much?  Goodness me!  Sometimes my life feels a little like a circus ... I hope tomorrow, since we have another appointment at the same place, it is more like a quiet picnic!  I can dream, can't I?



Judy said...

I also hope that it goes a bit better and that Kaleigh doesn't run again...I think every Mom has been there. My oldest took off while I was trying to check his books out at the library and the security guard followed him out. I was a little embarrassed and definitely gave my son a good talking to!

Good luck with all the assessments and keeping everything straight schedule wise!

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Judy,

The next day did go better. Kaleigh is very independent and headstrong. I really have no idea where she gets it from ;).

Thanks for sharing and thanks, I am trying! :) *HUGS*