Monday, August 29, 2011

School Days

September 1 will be Austin's first day of school.  We have everything in place for him to have the most positive and supported introduction to "big school" (that's what Austin calls it).  We got the letter from the Psychiatrist stating that Austin does in fact fall on the autism spectrum with a PDD-NOS diagnosis;  this secures his funding which gives him and aide!  YAY!  We got into the school we wanted!  YAY!  I met his teachers the other day ... GREAT!  His main teacher is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  I am so happy that everything has come together.  It was well worth all the appointments, effort and time to get Austin what he needs to succeed at school.  I am so pleased for him.  :)

I cannot believe my baby boy is all grown up and going to school.  I have to admit, I am a bit nervous, what Mother isn't the first day of school?  I guess having a spectrum child just intensifies that anxiety.  I am trying to stay calm and look forward to Austin having a wonderful first day.  So what if I made special pockets in all my clothes for my cell phone?!  Just kidding ;)


The Maven said...

Austin is going to do great! You have worked so hard to get him all the help he needs to succeed. You are an amazing - A M A Z I N G! - mama, and you should be proud. I can't wait to hear how his first day of school goes!

(PS: I'm not working on Thursday and I have Jackson with me. So if you're antsy and need distraction, I'll happily come hang out with you while you wait to hear how things went!)

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Mav!

He is doing so well! Awwww, thanks Mav! Me too ... fingers crossed!

Thanks so much!

P.S. Thanks hon, I will let you know. :) *HUGS*

Jacquie said...

You'll fit right in with all the other nervous mommies out there. There's something to be said for the occasional fit in!
Best of luck Austin and I hope he meets that special friend, and finds that special subject, and kicks *ss at kickball!!!

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Jacquie,

LOL! Thank you!

Thanks so much! I hope so too. I am sure he would love kickball! :)

Hope you are feeling well! *HUGS* :) Heather