Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day Fears

I just arrived home from dropping Austin off at school for his first day of grade 3.  I brought him to the school's office to meet his aide to help him get settled with his supplies and ensure things go smoothly.  I am a nervous wreck!  I always am when Austin is in a new environment and I am not around to hover over him, protecting him from any kind of bullying.

It is sad when you think that most parents are so excited to see their children go off to school (don't get me wrong, I am not saying they do not worry but not on the same level).  Kaleigh starts school tomorrow and I am both thrilled and sad because she will be going to Kindergarten and will be away from me everyday.  (Okay, let's not go there because, I will cry.)  When it comes to Kaleigh, other than she is shy (I will make sure she is settled in okay tomorrow before I leave her at school), I do not have the same fears as I do for Austin.  When it comes to Kaleigh, I pity whoever would pick on her, not a good plan.  That girl don't play!  She comes to win, at any cost!  She does not take anything off anyone!  She is not someone who will go looking for trouble but if it comes to her, well, she is going to give it right back.  Not the same for Austin, he is a target.  I watched Kaleigh "protect" him this summer.  Telling him it was not safe to go near the teenagers in the park and to wait until they left to play.  If people pick on him or hurt him, she runs and tells the ladies at day camp or if I am there, me.  She is so protective and fearless, for a 5 year old, it is truly amazing.  I am so PROUD of her, just as much as I am PROUD of Austin.  I am blessed, I have great kids! :)

I sit here blogging, worried and praying that Austin will be okay and no one will hurt him.  I watched that new movie "Bully" and it broke my heart.  I cannot believe that children can be so cruel to others.  Austin is at a campus with only grades 3 to 6, that strikes fear into me that I cannot even put into words!  I pray he will be safe and no one will cause him any harm.  I pray he have or make a friend to play with during recess.  I pray things will be different this year.  I pray he will be happy!  I pray ...

All the best!  *HUGS*


kristi said...

OMG I watched "Bully" this past week and it made me cry. Soo sad!

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi kristi,

It just broke my heart! So sad how some children are treated.