Monday, August 5, 2013

Light on Listening

Oh my!  So I get that my children are 5 and 8 but I think they have turned off a button somewhere that involves responding when spoken to.  It is stressful and we are trying our best to correct the situation.

We went to a family party yesterday and it was hard to get Austin to listen.  He becomes very stimulated by all the people and does not really like to be around all the socializing.  There was a pool and Austin and Kaleigh brought their suits.  It was cold here for August 4th, only 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit), the wind was blowing and it rained on and off as well.  When the sun was out, it was warm.  I was a kid too once and all I would want to do was get in the pool, that was Kaleigh and Austin's primary focus, POOL TIME!  After a while, we did let them go in and swim.  Some others got in to swim as well.  They were all having fun.  It started to rain lightly, then harder so my husband and I decided it was time for the kids to get out of the pool and go inside.  Kaleigh got out pretty quickly but Austin, he would just not listen.  I finally started to count and tell him if he did not get out of the pool, he would not be able to go in again and he needed to listen.  He did eventually get out of the pool.

I know that sometimes people may think our expectations are too high but my husband made a good point when we were discussing the kids' behaviour this morning.  What if something happened that was an emergency or the kids had to get out of the pool right away or move out of the way to avoid something?  It does not seem to register that there could be danger and we need them to do what we want when we ask.  This summer has been really a challenge as far as behaviour goes and struggles abound.

We are determined to keep at it and ride through this "phase".  It is really not easy but then it is not easy for any parent, is it?

All the best! *HUGS*

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