Friday, February 27, 2015

Only to be brought to tears again ....

The day of my last post, I picked Austin up from school.  He was not even out of the front lobby when he broke down and told me he saw "the boy" at school that very morning, in the office!  I could not believe my ears!  After the school had assured me this child was no longer a threat to my son and would be attending another program at another school, there he was!  What was happening?

I questioned Austin about what he knew or had heard at school.  (This was after almost an hour of crying by Austin.  It broke my heart!)  Austin told me he heard "the boy" would be attending daycare at the school. WHAT?!  Why?  Okay, so off I go to figure out what was happening.  I placed a call to the school Principal in hopes that I could get a confirmation if this child was in the school or not.  To be told one thing and then another to happen, well that was unsettling to say the least.  Poor Austin was beside himself with anxiety.

I received a call from the school and it was confirmed that the child would be attending daycare at the school and to be transported to another school for his program.  I was assured that he would not have contact with Austin.  Well, the two of them in the office at the same time, I consider contact.  So, I told Austin what the situation was and that he should not bring down attendance in the morning as to avoid "the boy".  Also, Austin does go to the PD daycare days occasionally when there is an outing or  a "mad science" themed day.  I told him that he will not be attending anymore days since "the boy" would be at the daycare.  Now, I do have sporadic daycare for Austin in case I have to work an afternoon, I guess those days will have to have the child isolated from Austin or I will have to get my in-laws to help take care of him.  I will not subject my son to this child as I know he will only go after Austin again.  That, is not acceptable.

All the best!  *HUGS*

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