Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Everyone Hates Me!"

I picked Austin up from school yesterday and just like everyday, I ask him how his day went.  He said "okay" but I saw the look on his face, trouble!  He complained he hurt his foot and could not return to school the next day, red flag!  We got in the car and I asked him, "Okay, what happened today?  I know something is wrong."  Out of his mouth came "Everyone hates me!!!"  Oh no!   What happened now?

I proceeded to calm Austin and ask him what had happened to make him so upset.  He explained that he was being teased for a certain behaviour (I will not state exactly what since I do not want to embarrass him) which stopped a long time ago but he is still being teased about it by everyone in his class.  I asked him when it was occurring and did he tell the teacher.  No, he did not tell.  I continue to explain to Austin that he is to tell someone.  He did settle down after a while, thank goodness!

This morning, Austin woke up and told me he could not go to school because of his hurt foot.  Both my husband and I checked his foot, it is fine.  He was using the excuse of a sore stomach to get out of school when "the boy" was bullying him, so my husband I and knew he was very upset if he was trying to get out of going.  I spoke to Austin and he proceeded to tell me that the kids are teasing him all the time about the fact that I will not allow him to have a Facebook account or a Twitter account.  Really?  They are not allowed to have these accounts!  Minimum age for Facebook is 13 and my son is 9!  Even at 13, I think Facebook and Twitter open a door I would like to keep closed, cyberbullying!  Not to mention other dangers for children!

Austin sat on the couch crying and telling me that he is teased and called names everyday by his classmates with the exception of 1 or 2.  He does not want to return to school, period!  This is too much!  I had already emailed his teacher the previous day and now I decided, I am going in to see the Principal.  I called and emailed him.  He did reply to my email very quickly since he was out at meetings for the day but assured me he would address the situation as soon as possible as did his teacher.  I have to say, they do take it seriously and do respond quickly.  They did resolve the situation with "the boy" and I do believe they are genuinely concerned for the student body.

When I questioned Austin to why he will not tell someone these things are happening, he is afraid he will be further teased as a tattle tale.  Really?  I feel like he is trapped.  He feels he cannot not zig or zag.  What I am to do?  This is crazy!  I am frustrated, upset and actually disappointed in how these other children behave towards my son who is sensitive, sweet and very easy going.  What is wrong?  How do I fix this?  Do I change schools and try a fresh start?  Will the same thing occur?  I am praying I will find some answers.

All the best!


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