Thursday, March 26, 2015

"I'm Shy"

There are two words Austin said to me yesterday that took me by surprise, "I'm shy."  What?  Not Austin, the child with no fear, and not to mention, no filter! Wow!

I am seeing changes in Austin's social behaviour.  He has never been a shy kid, passive and intimidated by other kids, but shy, no.  We were discussing the name calling that has been going on at school and was trying to come up with a way for him to tell someone right away so we can deal with it when it happens.  I know he is afraid of being labelled a tattle tale, we established that but when I said he could talk to his teacher one on one (even in the hallway away from the other children) he said he can't.  I asked why not?  He replied "I'm shy".  Okay.  So, a new dynamic to Austin's personality, he is shy.

I found a resolution that I hope will work, if he is too shy to talk to someone about this teasing and name calling verbally, I told him to document it in his daily school agenda.  I am hopeful if he can address what is happening this way, we can pinpoint who it is and what is being said to him.  This poor kid has had such a rough year, rougher than previous years and he has always been the target of some bully.  I just want him to have some peace and be happy to be at school.  This is a boy who loves school and thrives in that setting.  After I dropped him off this morning, I felt sick, nervous, upset, scared ... I pray he has a good day and he has fun with the children that do care for him, even if they are few, they are precious.

All the best!


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