Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A New Kind of "Development"

I picked up Austin at school yesterday, just like everyday, except the topic of discussion was not a typical one, oh boy!

Austin got into the car and started to talk about the Grade 5 and 6 girls.  He said he noticed that they were "developing" in a certain area, the chest region, and asked why was this happening.  Allllllrighty then!  I explained that they are starting puberty (Austin knows this word and some of the things that go along with puberty) and girls start to develop once they start puberty.  He wanted to know why this happened and I told him because of hormones.  A light bulb went off and he seemed to get it as soon as I said it.

I figured I would take the opportunity to ask him, "Does the situation with the girls make you feel uncomfortable or have any questions you want to ask me?"  "You can talk to Dad too."  "No", Austin replied, he said he was fine and understood and that Dad had spoken to him about girls a little bit when they were out the other day.  Austin has no filter and no secrets from Mom, he said Dad told him that there was lots of "eye candy" out and about the other day they were shopping.  I explained to Austin that I do not use that term and preferred "pretty girls" or "beautiful girls".  I said I guessed that it must be more of a guy thing to say "eye candy".

Needless to say, my husband got a bit of a discussion about his trip out with Austin the other day and needless to say, Mama Bear was not impressed!  I would like my son to respect women and this boy has no bro code, Mama trumps everyone, sorry Dad!

All the best! *HUGS*

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