Friday, May 15, 2015

Homework Helper

Every week I help Kaleigh do homework.  Yesterday, she asked if Austin could help her.  It was a set of Math worksheets.  Austin was more than happy to help her.

I stayed close by to ensure that there was no upset, they do like to bicker at times, okay, a lot of the time!  Sigh ...  Much to my surprise, everything went really well. Kaleigh is a born perfectionist (she gets it from my Mother) and really gives my husband and I a hard time if we explain how to do something and she does not get it right away.  When Austin explained how to do it his way, there was very little resistance.  Only once did she get upset when he told her how and where to write something, it touched the line for the answer and calculations should be to the side of the paper, as per Austin's rules!

I was really impressed with how helpful Austin was with Kaleigh's homework.  He does very well academically and I thought it was really nice to see her happy to do her work.  Austin has a lot of patience for Kaleigh, where she has a very short fuse. Complete opposite personalities but worked well together and happily so ... for the most part anyway!

I am very thankful to Austin for offering to help and being so patient with Kaleigh.  Mommie LOVES YOU both so much!

All the best!  *HUGS*

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