Saturday, January 30, 2016

Overnight Stay a Success and Spectrum Sentience

Austin and his Dad went on the overnight stay at the log cabin this week.  They had a lot of fun and Austin was very well behaved, he also got to spend a bit of time with his little friend, who is a girl, who he likes and she thinks the world of him too.  She told my husband how fond she is of Austin and thinks he's very smart!  This was great to hear!

The flip side of the trip, he was also a target of a couple of girls, who were not so nice to Austin, but the teacher and his Dad were close by and they were corrected quickly.  One of these girls, is the same one who keeps hitting and bullying him!  I was surprised she was on the trip.  Overall, my husband said everything was handled well and Austin said he really had a great time!  He would like to go again!  YAY!

There was an incident that my husband asked me about when he got home, he asked "Have you ever seen Austin stim?"  "Stim?,  No, not really."  Stimming is not something Austin would really do, but he would move his hands a bit and jump up and down when he would get excited (when he was younger).  I think it surprised my husband that Austin still has these behaviours.  Although in a lot of ways Austin is typical but he does have autism and it is very apparent certain situations.  Sometimes his excitement is so overwhelming he can't control it.

We were discussing what happened and how excited Austin got, it was very hard to calm him down.  The catalyst, a table game.  After my husband and I finished talking about what happened, Austin walked past me a little while later and was going to his room for alone time.  I watched as he walked towards his room, the feeling of the unknown and that little boy I clung to crying after his diagnosis, still resonates and brings me back to a reality.  These challenges are real, there are many, even if we don't see them all the time.  Others see them more frequently, school, social outings, family dinners and trips to the store, they are all triggers.  It's different at home, he has his room, his games, his support and it can be very different here.  We have altered things and home is where you see less behaviours.  Sometimes, I forget, I see Austin, not autism, just him, my baby, my boy, the son I love and adore so much!

All the best! *HUGS*

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