Friday, July 29, 2016

Social Struggles

The other night, late, close to midnight, Austin came to me, crying.  Extremely anxious and upset about many things, I spoke to him for a couple of hours to calm him.  This poor boy!  Most of the time, he is so happy and easy going, when he gets upset, it's because he's really overwhelmed.  He discussed different fears he had and we dealt with the majority of them but one, social issues.

When your child comes to you and says "No one likes me!"  Your heart breaks!!!  I am so sad and concerned for Austin, you have no idea!  My husband went on the overnight stay with Austin and saw how badly some of these children treat Austin.  On the bus ride, Austin couldn't say a word without being ridiculed!  A group of boys after him constantly.  This is not news, I got reports about it from school.  I am convinced that these children are lacking something in their lives, seriously.  (I started working with children and I've seen first hand the bullying that can go on, it's heartbreaking!)  What to do?  I can't go to school with Austin and I'm seriously fed up of hearing how picked on this poor guy is all the time!  I would love to home school him but it has been recommended not to.  He is so high functioning and his grades are fantastic!  The boy is smart ... S-M-A-R-T!  (I'm a proud Mama!)

I saw the Psychologist not too long ago and expressed my concerns to her.  There is a woman who we can hire to help Austin with social struggles.  I am going to try this, why not?  She is supposed to be very good and may be she can help Austin.  He can be very flamboyant, and humility is not his strong point.  He is proud of his accomplishments and when he can do things in school faster and with better results, he is not shy to announce them!  Something we are working on to get under control.  He is so scrutinized in every other capacity, his academic abilities are something the other children cannot challenge so he uses it as a defence.

Austin will be going into his senior year at school.  I am praying that things go well for him but after all the struggles this poor child has had, my defences are up!  I am grateful to the children at school who do share a friendship with him and are protective of him.  They are such kind and sweet children.  Their parents should be proud!

All the best!  *HUGS*

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