Monday, July 11, 2016

The Typical One

I have the most difficult time with Kaleigh, even though she's a typical child, nothing is typical about her behaviour.  She is the most reactive and impulsive child.  I have taken her back again and again to the Psychologist and been told, it's personality.  She is argumentative and refuses to listen.  The contrast between her and Austin couldn't be more different.  Today, I couldn't even finish my shopping because of her behaviour, we had to leave the store.  It can't be "typical" for an 8 year old girl to behave this way.  I feel like I have to seek out another source to see if someone can answer why she reacts the way she does.

I'm so confused and sad at this point.  If anyone has any feedback, I'm happy to hear it.  I could use some input.  Thank you!

All the best! *HUGS*

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