Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Titanic Tantrums!

I usually write about Austin, well this time it is about Kaleigh ... boy is she a handful!  You see, Austin never really had tantrums.  He did get over excited and stimulated but never, ever made a scene like my sweet little girl did yesterday at the doctor's office ... OH MY!  It was outrageous!  This is not the first time either. :(

When I got home, I called my dear friend Tink (I value her opinion and she always gives me great advice ... I just love her), she told me to take things away, rewards and things Kaleigh really wants.  This made sense to me, since nothing else is working and these tantrums always take place in public.  Yesterday, it was at the doctor's office and waiting room.  She spent more time on the floor than in a chair!  Needless to say, you cannot imagine the looks (well, you probably can) ... a couple with their first newborn ... they had that look like I used to "My child is never going to behave that way!"  "Yes, your child too!"  It is flu season here so seeing my daughter face down on the doctor's bare floor, well, let's just say she had a bath when she got home and I washed her clothes ... sigh ...

I decided to take Tink's advice and made Kaleigh a little chart, like I do for Austin.  It is the ü and x system.  For good behaviour, Austin earns a ü and for not so nice behaviour, an x.  These go towards rewards and if he accumulates more xs than üs he does not get his reward.  Now, there is one time that I gave in because I felt bad, big mistake!  So I decided, if they get too many xs, no reward.  Tink told me that she knows that it is tough, but I have no idea what else to do.  :(

Friday is a sliding trip with the little preschool that Kaleigh attends.  I told her yesterday if the tantrum did not stop, she would not be going.  Sure enough, that didn't faze her at all.  I have decided to keep her from the outing which I know will upset her but I feel like I need to do something to get her to understand that this type of behaviour is just not acceptable.  Even if I do feel really badly about it.


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