Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Got Game but No Play

Sorry, I know I promised to do a different post but needed to get this down today.

Austin came home with a tennis ball in his bag so I asked him where he got it.  He told me that it was given to him by one of the aides at school.  Why?  He told me that he had been trying to play with some other boys over and over and was told that he could not play with them.  The aide felt for him and gave him a ball of his own. This still really hurts my heart, every time I hear that he is rejected repeatedly, it just breaks me.

On the other hand, I get it, I really do.  I understand how children can be, especially at this age but that does not really help the sting and frustration I feel.  Austin does not always communicate rejection.  He told me that he did not want me to go and talk to the Principal (like the time the bully kept hitting and hurting Austin, both my husband and I went to see her).  I suppose he does not want the boys to get into trouble or more attention drawn to him.  I would not go that far, I may talk to the aide who saw what was happening and gave Austin the ball.  Some of his friends came and played with him.  I am truly grateful for what she did and will thank her tomorrow, with a hug too of course.

Oddly enough, I was just thinking this morning, since the weather is nicer, I would get Austin a ball to play with at school.  He usually has one once the snow starts to melt.  (There is a chance we could be getting snow later in the week, how I envy you my American friends!)  I guess I should have acted sooner ... should of, could of, would of ...

I wish that Austin was not so ostracised.  It is tough to watch him run off all alone most of the time.  I  know that he has a lot of kids at school who really like him.  His motor skills are not the same as most kids his age so he has to work a little harder at it but given the chance, he can do it.  The little athletes get frustrated and I do not expect them to understand but to see your son pushed aside is not easy.

On a lighter note, my husband got Austin and Kaleigh a mini-4wheeler.  Austin can drive it like nobody's business.  Too bad he can't take that to school! ;)

All the best *HUGS*


Judy Whatilivefor said...

He would be the envy of every boy at school if he could take the 4wheeler :).

My brother was quite ostracized in 5th grade but had an amazing aide who brought a baseball set for my brother. When the other boys saw what he had, they all wanted to play with him. I have an idea of how painful it was for my mom to watch my brother be left out, and to this day I can see the love and admiration she has for his aide every time she mentions that story.

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Judy,

Yes, he would! :D

I am so sorry to hear that because it is so hard. Austin is really lucky that he has a lot of people that care about him, his teachers, aides and little friends are all super to him. The hard part, like you say, to see the rejection and seeing your child ostracized or ridiculed.

Thank you for sharing! I always look forward to your comments!

*HUGS* :) Heather