Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Secret Stylist

Austin cut his hair the other day at school.  He has no idea we know and we promised his teacher that we would not tell him, he told her he would be in trouble, he would not.  He wanted it concealed and even LIED about it ... yes LIED!!!  This thrilled us all!  Sounds crazy, I know but it really isn't.  It is evidence that he is developing.

Austin never lies.  He tells the truth.  The child cannot keep a secret EVER!  I cannot even buy a doughnut without him telling my husband.  There are small things like Birthday presents or things like that he will keep to himself but he always has to let a little out of the bag to bait you.  For Austin to have kept his novice attempt at styling a secret, well, that is news.

Austin not only lied to me when I asked if anything happened at school, he lied to his Dad as well.  His Dad took him to the barber a couple of days later to have his hair cut and well, fixed (it really wasn't that noticeable, and according to Austin, he told his teacher it was too long and needed to be cut when asked why he did it) but Austin told the barber the truth!  The barber asked if he cut his hair and he said "yes".  His Dad mentioned to Austin after that he thought he heard the barber ask if he cut his hair and Austin replying "yes", Austin denied it!

We decided to let this one go and I even discussed it with Austin's speech therapist. We do not really find it a big deal and she didn't seem too concerned either just happy that Austin is developing.

This morning, I found out that Austin hid something else from me.  I questioned whether letting the haircut go and not confronting him was the correct decision.  I do not want him to keep things from me and trust is a very important.  I did question him about the situation this morning and it took me a while but I figured out the motivation behind his behaviour.  That, is another post.  Stay tuned!

All the best!   *HUGS*


Judy Whatilivefor said...

My parents were shocked when they complained to my brother's therapist about his new lying habits and the therapist responded by saying "Count your blessings!" :).

Yay that he is developing and gaining that greater understanding!

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Judy,

I know it is really wild when people see me say I am happy! I put in a new post explaining why he was lying. He really is changing a lot.

YAY! Thank you! I am so HAPPY too!

*HUGS* :) Heather