Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Working Out the Wolf

Austin has achieved so much in that last few years.  He can read so well but to comprehend and describe stories, especially chapter books, is a challenge.  The other day I met with his teacher and she had to show me his wanted poster which includes a description of the big bad wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.  I am really amazed at how well he worked it out, and of course, he has he own unique spin on it. I just LOVE how he makes me smile!  I hope it brightens your day too!

It reads:

"The wolf is super wild because he will eat you!  the wolf is also rude inappropriate words!  he is sneaky because he took granny out of the house he is also lazy because he needs sleep  He is also naughty because he was going to eat red!  the big bad wolf is wicked because he will grab you!  Look out!"

WELL DONE Austin! :)

All the best!  *HUGS*

P.S.  Thank you J! :)


Judy Whatilivefor said...

I love it! A wild, rude, lazy, sneaky, naughty, etc wolf is definitely something to watch our for!!!

Victoria said...

How awesome! I can't express how happy I am that he's doing so well. It always feel good to see the kids thriving and learning.

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Judy!

You said it!

:) Heather

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Victoria,

Thank you!

:) Heather