Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What if it Was Your Kid?

This morning, I spoke to the aide that helped Austin yesterday.  The story she told me was a bit different than Austin's, it was more involved.  After hearing what transpired, I got upset, tears overtake sometimes.  The aide is very understanding and a really great person, I appreciate her very much.  Austin teacher also deserves a huge pat on the back because she is just AWESOME and does such a great job with him!  Thank you ladies!  I am grateful to both of you! :)

Right now, I am beside myself really.  I try to instill good values in my children; compassion for others, celebrate diversity, respect others, be fair and "do onto others as you would have done onto you"!  (I was raised very strict Catholic.  My Momma didn't play!)  I believe that it is important to treat someone how you would want to be treated.  Who wouldn't?

Talking to Austin lastnight, explained that what is happening is not right.  He should not be mistreated that way.  I do not want him to start treating people how other people are treating him.  It is very important to me that he remain sensitive and learn to socialize properly.  I do not want him to dictate and try to get control because someone is trying to do that to him.  I hope that my talk and guidance made an impression and he follows my advice.

I really want to address what makes these children like this?  Is it the parents?  Are they instilling this attitude in their children?  Even after Austin got his own ball, a child that wouldn't let him play and rejected him, went after his ball.  What is that? Seriously?  I grew up with kids who picked on others that were different, or smaller. (Goodness, I was targeted all the time, it is not easy growing up with red hair, freckles and glasses!) As I got older, I questioned why these kids did these things.  I believe, that insecurity, and not enough attention or love could be the reason.  Is it possible someone is bullying them and they are acting out?  How would one of these parents of some of the boys from yesterday, feel if it was their children being treated like Austin?  Even when Austin conformed to what they asked, they still reacted negatively towards him.  It think that is cruel and totally unacceptable behaviour.

I say to all the parents out there, what if it was your child that had autism?  What if he was called names on a daily basis and bullied?  What if he wasn't allowed to play? What if he did play they way the other kids wanted and he still was mistreated? What if you had to watch your child alone because no one wanted to be near him because he was different?  What if he did not want to tell on anyone because he was afraid of repercussions?  How would all of this make you feel?

It is with all my heart that plea, encourage acceptance and celebrate diversity.  We have the information, tools and power to allow for change.  Please, if it was your child, would you want them to be treated like mine?  I certainly would not allow my child to treat yours that way.

To all of the wonderful children who have extended then hands in friendship to Austin, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

All the best! *HUGS*

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