Friday, July 19, 2013

Seeking Solitude Selectively

Austin has been at a local day camp for the last few days.  We decided that since he needed "time alone" and wanted to "be away from Kaleigh" we would let him go to camp and it has really helped his behaviour.

I do realize that a lot of these new behaviours are consistent with an 8 year old boy but it is a hard adjustment when you are used to quiet and laid back child.  I am talking him through different things and trying to get him to understand just because a character in a book says or does something does not mean it is appropriate in real life.  He seems to really take the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books to heart.  I took them away for the time being and he has picked up his books of facts, all kinds of facts.  He really enjoys books like that and the interaction is good for him when he gets to discuss all the stuff he has learned.

I get that Austin likes his time alone, he always has but sometimes I still find it upsetting and sad.  I could not leave him at camp this morning without a heavy heart.  All the other kids were off in different groups playing, Austin walked around to each group and looked at what was happening.  He never said a word to anyone.  I told Kaleigh to wait and wanted to see what he was going to do.  He settled on getting the toy ramp with cars and play by himself.  This really hurts my heart.  Even if it does not bother Austin, it hurts that no other child gets up and comes over to see if he wants to play with him.  It is not like other kids do not play with him or anything all the time, it is just hard for me to see this isolation.  I wonder deep down if it does bother him, even if he says it doesn't?

Tomorrow is Austin's Birthday party.  I invited 10 children.  I have heard back from only 3 people.  I sent out an invitation with R.V.S.P. by July 14th.  (I always RSVP, always!)  He is having a Radical Science party (a chemist comes to the house and does neat experiments for the kids) which the parents know since it was on the invitation.  I have to know how many children are attending, as of today, I know of 2 that are coming.  My head goes into overdrive when stuff like this happens, I wonder if the kids do not want to come, if the parents just do not bother and I am going to have all the kids arrive tomorrow?  This, is the exception for Austin, he is worried himself that people will not be coming.  On a typical day, he is fine with playing with or without other kids but this party is very important to him.  I am praying that it will all turn out fine and he will have a super day!  All I can do is pray and wait ...

All the best!  *HUGS*

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