Friday, July 12, 2013

Rooting for Rocky

I am so glad that my Dad made me sit through every Rocky movie (numerous times I might add) because right now, I realize how much it affected me, in a positive way. That character had so much heart, he would not be defeated, he persevered.  I strive to be like that, not to be defeated, to endure and be victorious!

What am I babbling about now, right?  Well, the last few weeks Austin has been out of school have been a complete eye opener!  I did see the psychologist and she assured me that a lot of what is going on is typical behaviour.  After seeing her though, Austin started to have nightmares.  Nightmares he thought were real!  The psychologist is away so I contacted Austin's speech therapist and brought him to see her.  He felt better after talking to her, YAY!  So HAPPY about that, one down about a million to go!  Okay, an exaggeration, but it feels that way! :(

Poor Austin, I feel like I do not recognize this boy.  Where is my sweet, easy going, fun loving, helpful, laid back, polite, happy boy?  He is loud, he lashes out, he is doing rude things, inappropriate things, he is impatient, unsettled, talks back ... oh my, the list goes on ... :(  Do not get me wrong, that sweet little guy is still there but whatever is going on with him now seems to be overpowering him.  I have been slightly distressed and almost felt defeated ...  almost ...

After an incident today (something I will not go into but it was very inappropriate), I was upset.  I felt lost.  What am I doing wrong?  What is going on?  How can I change this behaviour?  How could I come this far and feel like I cannot do anymore; give up?  Me?  Give up?  NEVER!!!  So, I put my Rocky boots on and went into talk to Austin ... one on one.  I asked him to tell me what I can do to help him with why he is acting out so much.  Tears filled his eyes as he explained that he needs more alone time apparently, alone time without his sibling, it is making him "crazy" he cannot deal with it.  I devised a plan to ensure that he will have some more alone time and more one on one Momma time.  I do not believe I can turn everything around at once, but I am certainly going to try, one thing at a time.

Thinking of those Rocky movies today reminded me how much heart it takes to continue even though you know what you are fighting for is exceedingly TOUGH!  There is a light, coming from inside of you, shining out.  You can see the glory, for the battle you are set on winning.  You run up the stairs one at a time until you reach the top.  You strive for the best and you can obtain it.    "You can do anything you put your mind to", my Dad always told me.  I learned that he was right.  I am stubborn and persistent; I will not give up!  Thanks Rocky ;)

All the best!  *HUGS*

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