Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Topsy Turvy

Yesterday I picked Austin up at school, just like I do everyday, his teacher was waiting to talk to me.  Austin, had not had a good day.  For starters, he got frustrated when playing basketball and did not want to leave the gym; the teacher had to count down to finally get him to leave.  He was not listening to the aide either.  He snuck back into the school during recess to get his coat because he was cold, going back in without permission and was hiding from his teacher under bean bags in the classroom.  Sigh ... poor teacher ... poor aide ... :(

Lately, Austin has been a bit off character.  The last time he presented any "rebellious" behaviour it was because he was being bullied.  That, apparently, is not the case, but I am getting ahead of myself.

After I picked up Austin yesterday, I asked him what was happening, why was he being disrespectful and disobeying the rules at school?  He said "Because my brain is topsy turvy!".  "What?  Topsy turvy?" I replied.  He said "yes".  He went on further to say that he was bored of the school rules and it was almost the end of the year and he had had enough.  Well, that is not how it works I explained to him.  He said that he was so bored of the rules his brain is upside down, "topsy turvy" he kept saying.  I told him that he is to listen to his aide, teachers and staff at school.  He pouted, but agreed.  He is to apologize today to both ladies for his behaviour.

Both my husband and I were talking lastnight about what happened yesterday and decided to ask Austin if he was being picked on again, he said "no".  We asked who he was playing with at recess and he said "nobody" (I ask him this almost everyday.).  He just plays on the structure.  He finally said "I want to play hockey!"  My husband told him he would get a stick for him for next year since school is out in 3 days.  (I am a little scared with Austin taking part in a playground hockey game, I worry he could get hit.  I am not very trusting of other children sometimes when it comes to Austin.  Past experiences have dug in and made me this way.)  My husband seems to think it will be alright.  I pray he is correct.  This may be part of why Austin is acting the way he is lately.  When he becomes frustrated, he acts out and does not want to listen.

My husband and I have an appointment with the psychologist tomorrow, we have been booked for months.  We are going to try and get some answers to why Austin is not listening, hiding, he running around screaming, mocking people and he hits his sister when she "bothers" him.  So much going on and we are looking for answers.  Most of the time, he is so laid back and a very sweet boy.  Something with his development must be happening, we just do not know what it is yet.  I pray tomorrow we will get some answers.

All the best!  *HUGS*

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