Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speech and Swimming

I have two things to address in this post, you guessed it, speech and swimming.

First, swimming.  I watched my wonderful little boy dive underwater and swim just like a little fish the other day.  I swear I stopped breathing for a second due to shock and happiness all at once!  BRAVO Austin!  Well done baby, I am so, so PROUD of you!  Just goes to show that our children can do anything, we may need to tweak things a little to accommodate them, but it can be done. :)

Now, speech.  Austin has starting telling me stories that he has completely fabricated.  He tells them as memories that have never occurred.  I have to say, it concerned me enough to tell the speech therapist about it.  She said it can be quite typical and not to worry but to make sure to tell her if it persists.  The problem is, he is adamant that something is real, or true, when it is not.  The good news is 99% of the time, they are happy stories.

This morning at breakfast, I spoke to a wonderful, wise friend, who assured me that even her child has told stories that were fabricated.  It made me feel a lot better.  It is just not something I am used to with Austin.  I told the therapist that I would not dwell on it and hope that it passes.  Poor little guy.  Sometimes it is hard to digest that he can be like an 8 year old one minute and like a 3 year old the next.  He is such a bright boy and his excitement to tell these tales is refreshing in someways ... his imagination is kicking in, and overall, I think that is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for the chat this morning A.  You really help me put things in perspective when my emotions get the best of me sometimes.  OX

*HUGS* to all!

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