Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wii Wizard

My Dad and step-Mum bought Austin a Wii for Christmas (he only got it a couple of weeks ago due to scheduling and travelling issues though) and he LOVES IT!  (Thanks again Dad & Mum!) He can figure out the games all on his own and we have found out how much he loves sports (especially golf Dad, except, he thinks bogeys are cool ... sigh ....)

Since Austin was only a few weeks old, I noticed that some of the facial expressions he makes are like my older sister.  She is a Nintendo master!  I mean, her and my younger brother used to have Mario marathons for an entire weekend.  Coffee, cigarettes, pizza and Mario (I mean, it was the early 90s after all).  Anyway, I get such a charge out of seeing these little faces come to life ... it is like watching my sister play, he is really good, just like her.  It is too funny!  Kind of weird to see too!  He is having a blast though which is the important thing and he still likes his board games (which are all speech oriented) so it is a wonderful addition to game playing for him.

A bonus, Austin wants me to play Mario with him, giving me even more quality time with him, which I LOVE! :)  So what if I have to cuddle Kaleigh on my knee while I am dodging flying hammers from some cartoon turtle?!  LOL!

*HUGS* to all!

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