Friday, April 15, 2011

Putting 2 and 2 Together

A little story to make you giggle today :)

The other day Austin and I were leaving swimming.  I always let him get a little snack and a juice.  He passed his swimming level that day, so he got a bonus snack.  (WELL DONE LOVEY!  I am so PROUD of you!)  He got his snacks and then purchased his orange juice from the vending machine.  I told him, "Don't drink too much of that because you have to go to the barn to see Rogie (Grandma's horse) with Daddy, Kaleigh and Grandma.  I don't want you to have to go pee ... " Before I could finish what I was saying, Austin turned to me and said "There's a bathroom there, right?"  I was shocked!  It is definitely a new thing, making a connection and verbalizing what he has put together.  Not to mention, the way he said it, he was condescending ... LOL!  Sorry, but it was funny.  I responded with "Yes, they do have a bathroom there Austin, very good!"  He looked up at me and just said "Well?"  LOL!  It was just like him saying to me "Well then, what is all the fuss about?"  You had to see the annoyed look on his face!  It was AWESOME!  I know it sounds crazy but I also know some of you parents out there reading this will "get it"!

Have a great weekend everyone!  *HUGS*

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