Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snapshot Shock

The other day I was going through different blogs and I jump around to find ones of interest.  I happened to pick one at random and this is how it went.

"Click"!  "Hmmm, that picture looks just like Austin at a year old ... really like Austin, OMG!  It could be Austin!"  That was the thought going through my head when I saw this picture of a young boy,  probably a 1 or 2 years old.  He was standing in front of a cupboard (almost identical to the one at Austin's Grandmother's house) and he had removed the cans and stacked them one on top of the other, like a tower.  This is exactly what Austin would do when he was this age.  The remarkable thing about the picture was the little boy was around the same height as Austin (at that time), had very similar looks, playing in the same type of cabinet (placement, colour and all) and had made a tower out of the same type of cans.  It was just like looking at Austin in a picture but it was not him.  I have to say, it freaked me out ... a lot! 

The thing that really hit me (because we did not think anything of this "game" Austin would play at that time) was there was a one word caption, at the bottom of the photo, that caught my eye after my amazement subsided ... "Autism".

*HUGS* to all!

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