Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fantastic Finale!

Coming to the end of Austin's school year was a bit like a recital to me ... the performance had been exceptional, way beyond what I thought possible, but how would it end?  Would the finale be spectacular or would there be a trip, a fall, an obstacle no one saw that would take away all the glory he had accomplished throughout the year?  I was nervous until the very end.  I just wanted him to finish with a big smile on his face, to be happy and proud of his accomplishments.

The last few weeks of school, I heard about tests, French tests, Math tests, English tests ... back to back.  Could Austin deal with all this pressure?  There were a few instances where he became a bit overwhelmed.  Some of this happened at school but mostly at home.  I wished I could do the tests for him, well, a part of me anyway.  I knew that he could do all the work but the end of the school year seemed to get him off track.  The excitement of the coming summer vacation and the thought of school ending really affected him.

I think about all the worrying I did, all that fear, tears, anxiety, loss of sleep and all of it unnecessary!  Austin did AWESOME!  We are so PROUD of him!!!  I was in tears every time I heard test went well.  I cannot express how relieved and how happy I was for Austin.  WAY TO GO BUDDY!  WELL DONE! :)

I want to say that it is not because I did not believe Austin was capable or smart enough, it was the other circumstances that worried me going into the final weeks of school.  He becomes more excited, loses focus, is less predicable and his sleep changes radically too.  All of these factors could contribute to his school performance, needless to say, thank goodness everything went well!  His report card was EXCELLENT!  He will be going into the second grade in the Fall.  I have to thank all of his wonderful teachers and aide for all their support, help, understanding and caring!  We were so grateful to all of you!  Thank you for making Austin's experience in Grade 1 OUTSTANDING! :)

*HUGS* to all!  :)


Victoria said...

I'm so glad he did well! How has he done this summer? Or do you guys do summer break? Our school year is just about to start.

Auntie Anne said...

Austin is a wonderful little boy who is handling all life throws at him with dignity and grace. Give him a big hug from us.


Auntie Anen and Uncle High xoxox

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Victoria!

Nice to hear from you! I hope all is well!

Austin has done really well this summer and is his happy self. A little dental surgery last week but he dealt with it very well.

How was your summer? Good I hope!

School starts early for you! They do not start here until September.

Sending you tons of *HUGS*! :)

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Auntie Anne!

Thank you so much! Will do!

Love you!

:) Heather ox