Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Dazed

All summer long we have been waiting to hear if Austin would be granted a cross boundary transfer for his elementary school.  We were denied the first year but we were lucky and granted one last year.  We filed again for this coming school year ... we waited and waited.  I finally called the school about a week and half ago because I could take no more ... my husband and I were going bonkers thinking of the possible scenarios that might happen if Austin was denied.  All that change would be very hard on Austin.  I was told the decisions were not being made until the next week and we would know within a few days from that time.  OH MY!  I could not pay fees or buy school supplies because they vary from school to school.

I started waiting for the postman like a girl for her date on prom night!  Seriously, I think I may have frightened the poor man!  Calling out to the kids "MAIL'S HERE!", every time I saw him coming down the street to our door.  Finally, last Friday, the letter arrived and the transfer, GRANTED!!!  WOO HOO!  I was teary eyed just reading it and emailed my husband with the good news right away.  We were so THRILLED!

I was so focussed on which school Austin might be attending, I got distracted and a bit anxious too.  I figured I could not put too much energy into preparing for school since we had no idea where he would be going.  Once we did get the news, I got the supply list and was off to shop with Austin and Kaleigh in tow!  That's is always good for entertainment, others entertainment that is.  For some reason, I had only seen or looked at Austin's school calendar once.  About two weeks ago, I had gone to the school, I saw a note on the door stating that there was a PD day on the 4th of September because we are having an election and the school is being used for voting.  Got it.  Right, so in my mind, I thought Austin would be starting on the 5th of September.  Now, there is good reasoning for this, distraction definitely, but I also grew up in another province, we started school after Labour Day.  My brain is just programmed for the start of school, always after Labour Day.  Just a wee bit confused, right?

I can't help but laugh about it now because my friends were saying to me that the kids start on Wednesday, yes, Wednesday, August 29th, not September 5th!  LOL!  I feel like people were talking to me and I was just so focussed on whether or not the transfer was granted or not, I wasn't paying close enough attention.  So much so, that I almost missed the beginning of school.  I was planning to take Austin and Kaleigh to the farmers market tomorrow morning!  LOL!  I guess it is a good thing that after I paid the fees yesterday, I saw the school calendar and called to confirm the starting date.  At least the school's secretary got a laugh!  She said she would have been calling looking for him come tomorrow morning.  We would have been berry shopping!  :O

Oh well, the great news is that Austin will be returning to the same school.  He will have a different aide this year and teacher but we know it will all be fine because they are all wonderful!

All the best!  *HUGS*

P.S.  I guess the postman can relax now ... ;)


Victoria said...

Yay for the same school! It's weird for me that kids are starting school so late here, since when I was a kid it was earlier in August. This is our second week of school now and Froggy has behaved so much better than I could have hoped for. I hope Austin has a great start to the school year!

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Victoria!

You said it, we are all so happy!

Glad to hear Froggy is doing well!

Austin had a very good day yesterday! :)