Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reality Rouse

You know how sometimes you are just going through life and things seem like everything is wonderful?  Isn't interesting how a single moment in a day can open your eyes and you realize that your little vacation in la la land is over and you are given a return ticket home pronto?

Yesterday I took Austin to speech therapy for the first time in months.  He was tested a while back and the speech therapist thought it was a good time for a break.  Austin did really well in school and he reads above children his age.  He does quite well in all his subjects at school, and we are so PROUD of him.  He really does act like a 7 year old in a lot of ways and sometimes autism is less evident at 7, than it was at 3 or 4 years old, that is, depending on the situation.  Yesterday is a perfect example, it felt like autism was driving the car rather than being the passenger!  A few questions from the therapist and I could feel the tears starting to form!  I heard her ask questions that Kaleigh could analyze and respond to without hesitation.  I am not trying to compare Austin and Kaleigh, it is the concern that comes over me when he cannot analyze a picture and answer questions that at 4, would not be challenging for Kaleigh.  It is very, very tough to see.  I have been warned already that problem solving is going to be a challenge for him.  It breaks my heart to see him answer incorrectly and not be able to focus. :(

Over the summer, I watched Austin play, go to the park, enjoy summer camp, go to Birthday parties and dance to Just Dance 3 by Wii ... a lot!  We may have to refinish the hardwood floor!  It is just wonderful to see him so happy!  Being out of school and on vacation, we still read a bit, (he reads a lot on his own, especially books of facts) but it has been mostly play time.  Interestingly, he has been teaching Kaleigh the alphabet and we are teaching her how to write her name.  Big brother Austin is doing a great job helping her learn!  I see him growing and developing and then I am reminded, he is different, he struggles, he still needs me ... the thought of being in speech yesterday with him, played over and over in my mind as I sat eating dinner lastnight.  My eyes filled with tears and the emotions surfaced from the day that I promised him, I would fight with all my might to help him.  I will not stop, I will endure whatever I must to ensure he gets all the help he needs to succeed!  I LOVE him so much ... that reality is concrete.

 *HUGS* All the best!


Victoria said...

I've had a lot of those moments too. It's kind of wild, sometimes, to look at the variations from day to day.

Keep us updated. :) It's great hearing from you!

Mommie that Gets It said...

Hi Victoria!

Nice to hear from you too! Hope all is well!

*HUGS* :) Heather