Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hide and Go ... Hide?

A day back in April ...

Today was a very scary day for us.  My husband and were outside stripping the paint off a kitchen window and the kids were outside with us, playing and running around.  They played in our yard and my in-laws place (they live right next door ... our lots are attached and the kids go back and forth safely).  Everyone was having a nice afternoon.

Kaleigh came up to me at one point and said she wanted to go inside and did not want to play with Austin anymore.  They had been playing Hide and Seek but she said she did not want to "chase him" because he was running around.  I took Kaleigh inside and got her settled (my husband and in-laws were still outside).  I decided to go back out to get Austin and bring him inside as well.  When I went out, I asked my husband if Austin was with him, he said "no".  We called for Austin but no reply.  My husband, my mother in-law, father in-law and people visiting all started to look ... no Austin ... my world stopped!  "Austin is gone!"  "Where is he?!"  "Did he run off?"  "Did someone grab him?"  All these things went through my head in what seemed a nanosecond.  My husband said my mother in-law was going to get in her car and look for him, I had put on my running shoes and was out the door headed to the pond down the road.  We walk down and feed the ducks and I thought Austin might be there in the trail.  My husband told me to take my truck.  So I jumped into my truck and as soon as I started to leave I heard loud crying and yelling ... it was Austin ... at first relief, than fear ... why was he so upset?  I ran from the truck over to my in-laws and picked up Austin and carried him to a chair.  He was screaming and crying.  He was frightened and upset.  He was crying, I was crying ... I was so relieved but the fear of what could have been, well, it was too much and I sobbed.  He explained that he was hiding and no one came to look for him.  We explained he has to tell us if he wants us to play, no one knew he was going to hide.  When he heard the truck, he came out because he wanted to go for a ride.  He says he could not hear us in his special hiding place.  He was in my in-laws snow shed.  He scared the living daylights out of us!

I carried him home.  I explained that it what he did was very scary and not to do it again.  Hide and Seek with Kaleigh and family is fine but hide just to hide and not come out, well, that is not a game I would like to revisit.  We are thankful that he is okay and just glad that all is well.

*HUGS* to all!

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