Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aerobic Yoga

How does yoga class turn into an aerobic one?  Let Austin join! 

Yesterday I picked Austin up from school and his teacher informed he that all he did during yoga class was jump, spin, move around and not stick with the program.  You see, yesterday morning, I thought, he had not slept enough so I should really keep him home but I did not, he wanted to go to school.  Somedays I just don't listen to that little voice when I know it will go badly if I do not.  I warned the teachers that he was tired and it could end up being a trying day for them.  They did not seem concerned ... at 8:40 a.m.! 

When Austin is tired he is less focussed and becomes more active.  When he has to do an activity like yoga, tiredness is most certainly a factor.  He is stimulated by this normally (I have decided to contact his OT again and bring her into help, maybe she has a way to calm him down).  (I have also changed his swimming class to private lessons for 8 weeks and then will keep him in a limited class instead.)  I realize that he cannot help being more stimulated than other children in these environments, so I must adjust it to suit him better.

This post may discourage some of you, sometimes I am discouraged but quickly turn around and try to figure out how I can help the situation.  It is still not easy, I get that.  I am new to this journey too but as I have said before, you have to celebrate the positives and address the challenges.  Sometimes it hurts my heart that I cannot wave a magic wand and change everything for my sweet boy, but I know if I keep working and helping him, it will in time.

*HUGS* to all.


The Maven said...

I read with a boy on the spectrum in Gutsy's class yesterday. He's so sweet and she's come a long way from the Kindergartener he was two years ago. I found it amazing that he would sit there and read with me for 20 minutes, staying focused and only mildly stimming as he played with the cord on his pants. He was aggressive, a runner, and unable to sit still in kindergarten. It's amazing what two years with the right support can do!

All that to say that you may feel discouraged sometimes, but you and I both know that you're on the right track. You're so aware of what Austin needs, and that will only mean many more steps forward than steps back. And yes, I've ignored that voice in my head with a tired Gutsy and sent him off to school or done a big activity, only to regret it later because he fell apart. I hear you! We're not perfect :)

Mommie That Gets It said...

Hi Maven! I know they can come far in a short time, it is amazing.

Yes, a bit discouraged but I seem to bounce back quickly. I will bring in the OT, if it does not work then I will pick him up early from school. I realize too that Austin can only tackle so many things at once and I am there to help him one step at a time. But then, you know this, right honey? ;)

Thanks Maven! HUGS! I promise to flutter by again soon ... I prefer to surprise you! :)