Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Preschool Praise

I just picked Austin up from his preschool.  What a wonderful report I got today.  His teacher (who is very supportive of him, very lucky for us) came up to me to tell me how well Austin is doing.  He read, yes read, a book at school, she witnessed it.  (He reads a lot at home.)  She continued to tell me that there are many good things happening with Austin ... "sigh" ... :)  I am so HAPPY and PROUD!  :)  She did tell me that he still gets a little excited with "certain" and "new" things, but well, we cannot change everything at once, now can we?  Just the fact that she was smiling and impressed with his progress, shows that there is hope, hope for Austin and hope for other children on the spectrum too.

Last year, when I used to pick up Austin at the same school, things were very different.  This was pre-diagnosis and what a nightmare!  Everyday I walked in, I had no idea what they would say to me.  I would leave in tears ... not that they were mean or anything, it was just stressful to constantly hear negative things.  It is their job though and I prefer it, than someone not telling me, for I cannot change what I don't know.  It was a very tough year.  :(  The good news, this year is very, very different.  A lot of positives, and yes, occasionally he has a bad day but they are so few now that they are barely noticeable in the grand scheme of things.  He is doing so well and it is nice to be greeted by a smiling boy and a smiling teacher!

Hang in there everyone!  If Austin can accomplish these successes, there is hope for all!  The times that I left the school in tears are a fading memory ... it is what I wish for all of you that have experienced this feeling too ... *HUGS*

P.S.  Becky - For you, thank you so much for sharing with me and supporting me too.  *HUGS*


Sarah said...

This is awesome! It's so great when we can celebrate the successes. Good work Austin!

Mommie That Gets It said...

Hi Sarah! It is! A BIG thank you from Austin! :)