Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parent-Teacher-Teacher Interview

I have to go in for a parent-teacher interview in about two weeks at Austin's preschool, only mine is going to be a parent-teacher-teacher one!

The other day I double checked my interview time and noticed Austin's name was on both teachers' lists.  The procedure is that one teacher sees half of the students' parents and the other teacher sees the other half.  I was confused when I saw Austin's name on both lists so I asked "Am I meeting with both of you?"  "Yes, because of Austin's situation, we feel that's best ..." said the first teacher.  "Is that a problem?" asked the other teacher.  "Uh, no, I suppose not ..." was my reply ... secret "groan" inside.

I cannot tell you how much anxiety I am having over this interview.  At first, I was not worried at all compared to last year.  Last year was very, very tough.  I started to sob half way through my 15 minute interview and continued to cry all the way home.  Parents watched me leave the school overwhelmed ...   Now, I thought, this year has to be better right?  Right?  Now there will be two teachers with negative and/or positive things to say ... probably both, but two of them?!  Really?  God I hope I am up for this ... my husband tells me not to worry.  I can become very emotional (crying) when it comes to Austin.  I am hoping there will be less tears this year since he is doing better but as you know, it is tough to hear the negative stuff.  Part of me wanted to chicken out and send my husband instead, but then I thought, well, just think of it like going for tea ... two lumps for me please!  :S

Wish me luck everyone!  *HUGS*!

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