Thursday, November 25, 2010

Unnecessary Interview Intimidation

Whew!  I am relieved.  I went to Austin's parent-teacher-teacher interview this morning, it was so unnecessary to be intimidated by the 2 to 1 ratio. (I can be, at times, a very silly girl.  It is part of my charm ... lol.)  All in all, it went well.  I didn't even need one tissue!  WOW!  Big change from last year!  He has progressed very well in some areas.  EXCELLENT news!  :)

There are other things that have developed, new issues.  He plays with other children but he needs to work on his skills.  He does not respect space, lacks the ability to read body language (this is slowly getting better) and now thinks it is a good idea to kiss his classmates!  (He licks his little sister's face and makes her furious, he finds this quite amusing ... sigh ...)  As we get over hurdles, new ones pop up and I am proud to say, I am taking it in stride with a lot of support and understanding from friends and family!  Thanks everyone!  I appreciate and love you all!  :)

The OT will come in next week and we will see how to proceed.  I am optimistic, now more than ever, since Austin is doing really well and he continues to change everyday.  I am very PROUD of him. 

I intend to do some posts regarding Austin's behaviour as a toddler.  I think these past stories, although hard to revisit, may help and I hope they do.  Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA!  :)  *HUGS*

P.S.  My son was named after a great man, we miss him today ... wishing he was here.  <3

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