Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat was Sweet!

Lastnight I took Austin Trick or Treating, it went very well.  Austin was 3 the last time he went and was easily spooked.  He didn't really get it and used to be really frightened of the dark and costumes, not really a good thing when it comes to of all things, Halloween!

Austin was dressed as "Woody" from Toy Story and wanted me to dress up as "Jessie" (I did).  His little sister was "Bullseye" (at the last minute, she wanted to wear her one piece horse costume from last year, I hate to tell you what it cost me on eBay to get that Bullseye costume ... discontinued and "new with tags", need I say more?), quite the trio.  My husband joined us and off we went.  We spent our time Trick or Treating in a neighbourhood just north of us.  (We never get any children where we live.)  Austin and Kaleigh did wonderfully.  They said "Trick or Treat" and "thank you" (well, Austin more than Kaleigh ... she needs prompting to say "thank you" because well, she's a diva ... Maven will agree with me ... a sassy diva at that!) and went house to house without incident.  Very proud Momma!

Just when things were running smoothly ... along came the spooky house!  Oh Lord!  What do I do?  We have to go through the garage, in the dark, wearing 3D glasses, under black light, to get the treat.  Austin was ready for it and excited to go ... he even headed in without us!  (This house had 34 carved pumpkins, all different characters.  The precision was awesome to say the least!)  So we get the glasses and in we go.  Do you think saying "Hail Marys" in a haunted house works? On Halloween no less?  (Just kidding ...)  We had to follow the neon orange arrows on the ground.  I had my arm around Austin the whole way and stayed next to the wall.  The walls were covered in neon hand prints, all different colours and the fabric strips were black (very hard to see).  There was a "body" laid out on the floor.  All of a sudden, out jumps a man camouflaged like the wall!  I SCREAMED ... then laughed my head off!  He really scared me!  Austin was screaming and laughing too ... then again another man jumped out ... it was GREAT!  I was screaming and laughing ... Austin too but he was ready to go ... he said "I want to go out now Mommie", we were at the end and out we popped!  He was happy and wanted to go again ... I said "no".  He got a little scared at the very end and my husband and I figured, lets' leave on a high note.  He had fun and I told him we would come back again next year.  (He still bugged me to go back as we finished Trick or Treating ... he said it was "so cool" and "fun" ... he said "he loved it"!  WOW!  I was so shocked and happy he liked it that much.)  Here I thought, it would be a disaster ... he seemed to get a real kick out of the man grabbing me ... I wonder if my husband felt the same way?  ;)

Kaleigh got tired and Daddy took her home.  Austin was ready for more so I took him to more houses.  (I LOVE Halloween!)  We stayed out for about another 25 minutes or so, we covered a lot of ground and I finally thought, he had had enough.  He was tired.  So we headed home.  He told me all the way back, how he loves Trick or Treating, the spooky house and me jumping in the air screaming from the man grabbing me.  I was so happy that he had fun.

I wasn't going to do another Halloween post but decided it could benefit someone out there that has a child who is scared or sensitive when it comes to Halloween.  Just look at my son, two years has made a huge difference.  There was only one house, out of all the houses we visited that he said "not this one Mommie" (in a really calm voice too).  Not that I blamed him, it was really dark and there were large flying skeleton bats from above, it was spooky, even to me.  So I figure, 1 out of 40 houses (approximately, I mean who can keep track really) and there was only one he did not want to approach.  I though that was AWESOME!  I had anticipated the possibility of a reaction like the child who gets spooked, drops his candy bag at the door and runs off screaming.  Pleasantly surprised to have gotten the opposite.  I hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!  *HUGS*!

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