Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shopping Strategically

Shopping with Austin can be a challenge, not so much now as a year ago but you still need a game plan.  I have found something that works wonderfully when taking him with me to shop.  (He loves to go everywhere with me and must behave or he will be left at home the next time, something he dreads!  He really enjoys running errands and always wants to tag along.  I felt the same way about my Dad ... I just love my Dad!)  I am going to tell you my method for shopping with Austin, maybe it may work for one of you.

Yesterday, Austin and I headed out to Walmart and left Kaleigh with Grandma (my husband's Mother). We go to get in the truck and Austin asked me if I have any coins for him so he can buy his lemonade when we arrive at the store.  (This is my strategy, let him have something small he really likes and wants and he is more likely to listen and behave.)  I told him "yes" and when we arrived, I walked him over to the vending machine and he got his drink.  He sat in the cart (the large section mind you ... lol) and held his lemonade.  He waited patiently while I shopped and asked once or twice when he could open his drink.  When I was about half way through shopping, I told him he could have his drink but to take it slow, he listened very well.  After he finished half of his drink, he wanted out to walk beside me.  No problem (I know what you are thinking, all that sugar, this will be a disaster, nope).  He got out and walked with me as I shopped.

We are almost finished shopping when he decides he wants back in the cart to finish his drink (I don't let him walk around and drink, he must sit).  Back in he got, finished his drink and got back out.  He followed me kind of lightly skipping.  I kept an eye on him, he was fine.  Two older ladies stopped and smiled at him (he is a very adorable boy with GREAT hair, people LOVE his hair).  He grabbed me and said "Mommie why are those old ladies smiling at me?"  (I had to giggle because he said "old".)  I told him not to say "old" they are "older" and they are smiling because they think he is cute.  He recently decided he doesn't like it when he is called "cute" and says "I am not cute, I am cool!"  LOL!  He would have never smiled back or acknowledged this situation just a  few months ago.  Not a lot of smiling people then ... amazing how much can change in such a short time.

We finished our shopping trip and off we went home.  Whenever we leave a store, Austin says to me "I'm proud of you Mom!"  (I always tell him I am proud of him when he does well shopping.)  I guess he figures I deserve the same praise ... when I behave myself!  LOL!

*HUGS* to all!

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